Adelphi Research’s Oncology Task Force conducted our annual pre and post ASCO surveys to understand which areas were predicted to and actually generated the most interest and buzz at ASCO 2020.

Pre-ASCO 2020 expectations
Due to the new virtual attendance, the pre-ASCO poll revealed an increase in registered attendance for 2020. Oncologists stated that it was easier and less time consuming for them. The increase in Oncologists attending due to the new format was predicted to be 20%.

The therapy with the most interest pre-ASCO was Keytruda followed by Venclexta, with the highest priority therapy areas predicted to be NSCLC and Breast Cancer. Oncologists anticipated they would most likely participate in plenary sessions and highlights of the day.

Merck was anticipated to create the biggest buzz followed by BMS and Genentech/Roche.

Post-ASCO 2020 key takeaways

Further analysis of our post-ASCO survey reveals BMS, Merck, and Genentech/Roche came away with the largest virtual conference “presence”. While BMS is touted for its clinical trial data, presentation style and participant interaction with the new virtual format are key differentiators for Merck and Genentech/Roche. Both companies also generated the largest social media presence.

Clinical science symposia, plenary sessions, and the highlights of the day all translated well to the virtual format, while poster sessions fall to the bottom.  NSCLC, specifically Tagrisso, and immunotherapies continue to be the “hot topics” among oncologists.

Adelphi Research, pre-ASCO online survey, n=62 oncologists

Adelphi Research, post-ASCO online survey, n=100 oncologists