Telehealth has been a growing sector, even prior to COVID with roughly one quarter of physicians conducting telehealth visits and remote monitoring in 2019. But, how has the pandemic accelerated the widespread adoption of telehealth by consumers and is it here to stay? We conducted a study to understand:

    • How telehealth is being used
    • What consumers think about telehealth
    • What the future of telehealth could look like

What we did

Adelphi Research conducted a study throughout October – November 2020, with 281 patients and caregivers across the US.

The results

Telehealth is here to stay! Consumers appreciate the convenience and ease of use of telehealth, especially for routine care. It is likely that this sector will continue to see growth even after the pandemic.

In conclusion

COVID disruption has tipped the balance towards telehealth. In order to continue to see growth, manufacturers will need to further focus on accessibility, ease of use and providing tools for more meaningful and comprehensive virtual visits.