There’s no question that the impact of COVID-19 on healthcare services has been huge. We conducted a study looking into the human impact of this, specifically:

  • How HCPs have been affected
  • How we should be engaging with them in the future to work in a more empathetic way
  • How we can ensure that our healthcare heroes are not forgotten after these difficult time


What we did

Adelphi, in collaboration with Medefield, conducted a survey through February and March 2021, with Cardiologists, GPs, Oncologists, Rheumatologists and Nurses from across Europe.

The results

Increased workload and decreased work-life balance were pulled out as key factors impacting metal health by HCPs. Many individuals have been left feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with their careers.

In conclusion

Adapting research techniques to suit the new ways of working is needed in order to reduce the stresses and strains on HCPs. Creating a flexible approach will help to ease workload and best fit with their ever-evolving roles.