Adelphi’s work with Rethink Mental Illness has helped bring about significant changes to the Mental Health Act.

Our work involved investigating the level of choice and involvement people with severe mental illness have when detained under the current Mental Health Act. It was found that there was a, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, with little focus on the individual needs and circumstances of people who are detained.

Adelphi Research’s report ‘No Voice, No Choice? – Making the Mental Health Act more person centred’ included two recommendations which have already been accepted by the British Government.

The two key changes are:

1) Giving legal weight to Advanced Decision for patients sectioned under the Mental Health Act (previously only a provision under Mental Capacity Act).
2) A change to the outdated appointment of the Nearest Relative which will make a big difference along with other changes to policy and practice which the review suggests.


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