The impact of COVID–19 has been broad reaching and unprecedented. It has forced us to reassess how we work, how we collaborate, how we engage with our employees, our customers and our professional network. The situation requires adaptability and rapid pivoting in every aspect of our day. It forces us to embrace technology in ways we have not in the past; use of many previously available technological tools have exploded in the past two weeks.

Just look at the increases in video conferencing and gaming platforms. For pharma companies, this time of social distancing offers opportunities to reassess and challenge our status quo. What ideas or technologies have been waiting in the wings to develop? What inventions will necessity birth in this environment of rapid change?

COVID-19 has led to dramatic shifts in every industry including healthcare. Some of these changes are likely to be short-term, while other shifts may impact healthcare interactions at every level in the longer term, persisting well after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. The time is ripe to retool, rethink and reimagine the way pharma companies interact with customers.

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