Our team here at Adelphi are always busy keeping on top of the latest trends and developments in pharma and healthcare research, and this month has been no different, with Adelphi attending the A&I Summit in Barcelona.

The Analytics & Insights Summit was held from 2nd – 5th May and gave us the opportunity to connect and share knowledge with some of the brightest minds in the insights world.

The summit featured industries beyond pharma, giving us a broad understanding of cutting-edge analytical methods and how we can draw these into our own work in pharma to elevate insight for our clients.

See below for a summary of what we learned and how we will be putting it into practice at Adelphi.

Top trends

Over the course of the week, sessions were focused on advanced analytic topics like segmentation, pricing, conjoint, and emotional measurement.

Sessions on segmentation were particularly interesting, including ways to efficiently and quantitatively incorporate open-ended responses as well as other new or revamped methods.

Conjoint and pricing talks presented various design and analytic strategies for dealing with a variety of issues, including dominating attributes, large grids, willingness to pay, and many more.

Impact on pharma

While this conference is not tailored only to pharma, it allows us to understand the priorities and trends within our own advanced analytics.

What we’re doing at Adelphi Research

We are continuing to innovate and make sure we stay on top of the advanced analytics methods across our discipline and many others.

Awareness of how segmentation, pricing, conjoint, and messaging are used in other areas provides some creative parallels for integrating applications to address our pharma clients’ business challenges.

The new insights allow us to continue to innovate and push the envelope to continue providing efficient and reliable deliverables to our clients.