At Adelphi Research, diversity and inclusion is at the core of our values. Because of this, we are introducing a number of different initiatives to help our staff members feel comfortable and understood in the workplace. One of these initiatives focuses around personal gender pronouns.

Personal gender pronouns are words that a person would like others to use when talking to or about them.

As a society, we have been taught to use pronouns based on a binary male/female and singular/plural framework. This framework can lead to mis-gendering people whose identities don’t conform to the binary convention.

Most commonly people will use “he, him, his” or “she, her, hers” as their pronouns. However, there are a number of different gender pronouns which a person may choose to use.

These are just some of them:

This new awareness calls upon us to be considerate of the complex layers of identity and to refer to people in the way they see themselves.

As a first step, Adelphi Research, along with colleagues across the Adelphi group, has introduced the option for staff to include personal gender pronouns in our email signatures. By doing this, we are showing our allyship for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues and practicing mindful inclusion of all our employees.