Manna on Main Street

Our team in the US has been volunteering at our local Manna on Main Street Soup Kitchen. For almost 40 years, the staff at Manna on Main Street Soup Kitchen have worked tirelessly to help the less fortunate in the community of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Their organization is driven with the hope “that everyone might be fed”.

Adelphi team members assisted in the bakery, sorted donated pantry items and assisted with food preparation. In addition, our team was given the opportunity to serve meals and drinks directly to local community members who are in need. Our commitment to Manna on Main Street Soup Kitchen has also involved our team taking part in a number of volunteer drives and events throughout the year.

Volunteering provides us with the privilege of seeing the direct impact we can have on the local community. Our team walked away with an appreciation for Manna on Main Street and the services they offer to our community throughout the year.

SilkLife Foodbank

Our UK office has been supporting our local food bank – SilkLife, who provide emergency food boxes to people in need around the Macclesfield area. Working in partnership with support agencies and frontline care professionals, SilkLife is able to reach the most vulnerable people and families in our area who would otherwise go hungry.  On average, the charity would normally provide up to three boxes (one per week) in any period of crisis. A single box provides 4-5 days of nutritional, non-perishable food.

Adelphi Research recently collected multiple bags of food in just two days for the charity. With the success of the first collection, our team will continue to make regular donations and will also be spreading the word across the other Adelphi Group companies.