Uncovering the latent drivers of decision-making

We know there is an inconsistency between what people say and how they actually behave. To better understand the disconnect, we regularly integrate the lens of behavioral economics (BE) across our projects to illuminate latent drivers of decision-making often in complex contexts.

Our latest eBook outlines some of the most common principles of BE that can be applied to optimize brand strategy, especially in promotion and communications.


There are many more influences on decision–making beyond the rational information evaluation we are consciously aware of. Analysing this extra layer of unconscious and unarticulated decision enables us to better understand how decisions are really being made. Adelphi’s behavioral economics experts spend every day interpreting the nuances and have a wealth of experience applying solutions. They make actionable recommendations for reframing communications to better influence customer behaviors.

See how integrating behavioral economics can help you more effectively influence customer behaviors.

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