Sample diversity

Sample diversity is critical to the development of quality market research insights that help improve strategies around patient care. Even with this knowledge, reaching underrepresented populations in pharmaceutical market research is an ongoing challenge.

Now that we understand from our first instalment ‘why diversity in sample recruitment is needed’, our next white paper explores how to overcome existing barriers to achieving a diverse sample in market research. With the help of our trusted recruitment partners, we offer tangible strategies to improve sample diversity in market research, and to deliver stronger business recommendations as a result.

Adelphi Research continues to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our team recognizes the importance of doing research through a DEI lens and making necessary improvements to get the best results. We are committed to finding new, innovative ways to broaden our samples to give our clients the most representative information. In addition, our partners understand and share our commitment.

To find out how we achieve sample diversity in market research, contact [email protected] or one of your Adelphi team members for a copy of our white paper.